NAF S 125, 227 & 1230

Product Description


Eversafe® NAF S 125® & NAF S 227® Eversafe® NAF S 1230®
Eversafe® NAF S 125® & NAF S 227® Fire Extinguishing Systems are designed with the ability to suppress fire in the shortest time possible, especially in enclosed areas occupied by human. Its clean and produce zero residue. With the additional patented additive D-Limonene, it reduces the level of decomposition by-products which are harmful to humans and assets, increase the extinguishing performances and citrus odor contributes early detection of leakage. Eversafe® NAF S 1230® is a next-generation halon alternative fire suppression system ideal for use in total flooding applications. It is also a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative on account of the The Kigali Amendment listed HFC as substance controlled to be phased down by 2040 under the Montreal Protocol