MED Foam Cartridge Operated Portable

The EVERSAFE range of portable cartridge operated type fire extinguishers is certified to BS EN3 and is manufactured under an ISO 9001 approved Quality System. Extinguishers are available in a wide range of sizes with ABC dry powder, Monnex powder, AFFF foam and water models.

AFFF Foam: AFFF foam extinguisher is effective on B class hydrocarbon fuel fires such as oil, petroleum, aviation feul, and is particularly suitable where fast knockdown is essential. It is compatible with all dry powders. Its excellent wetting characteristic make it useful in combating Class A fire as well.


  • Designed to maximum fire killing ability.
  • Simple operation and maintenance.
  • Pressurized with CO2 gas cartridges which are activated when levers are squeezed.
  • Effective on Class A and B fires involving paint, petrol and oil.
  • Foam blankets burning liquid and seals it to eliminate burning re-ignition.


MODEL EEF-6cs EEF-9cs EEF-9c
Type Cartridge Operated Type
Extinguishant AFFF Foam (Premix)
Capacity (Litres) 6 9 9
CO2 Gas Cartridge (g) 55 75 75
Valve / Headcap CE Marked Controllable Chromed Plated Brass Headcap with Safety Relief Valve
Body Diameter (mm) 158 178 178
Overall Height (mm) 585 630 630
Approx. Full Weight (kg) 11.1 14.9 14.9
Working Temp. Range 5°C to + 60°C
Working Pressure 12 bar
Test Pressure 25 Bar
Burst Pressure Exceed 69 bar
Approx. Discharge Range (m) 4 6 6
Approx. Discharge Time (sec) 58 88 42
Fire Rating 13A:144B 21A:183B 13A:183B
Fire Class A,B + Electrical Safety Test* AB
Coating (Internal) PPA (LJ 766)
Paint Finishing RAL 3000 Flame Red Polyester Powder Coating
Mounting Metal ‘T’ Wall Bracket
Manufactured & Certified to BS EN 3-7: 2004 + A1: 2007,BS EN 3-8: 2006 and BS EN 3-10:2009

* Safe if in Accidental contact with Live Electrical Equipment.

Complies with electrical Conductivity Test BS EN 3-7, Clause 9 Annex C.