Eversafe Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Detector (TSS910A)

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The Smoke Alarm is a device designed to sense slow smoldering fires. It is essential to install smoke alarms in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, staircase, garage and even in small offices. This little device provides early warning and gives you precious time to escape. It is the first line of defense against fire and help save thousands of lives each year.

Product Description

We are the manufacturer for Eversafe Extinguisher products. Comes with 1 Year warranty from delivering date.



The unit is a photoelectric smoke alarm device. It is a particularly sensitive for detecting visible micro-particles (associated with smoldering fires) and reacts faster than ionization alarms. An example of such smoldering fires is a cigarette burning in a couch or bedding, a common cause of devastating blazes. Please note this device does not detect flames, heat, carbon monoxide or other hazardous gases. It has many advanced features and an extended operational life with the included battery.



– 10 years life span

– Easy installation

– Complies with International Standarad UK BSI Kitemark

– High realibility

– Low battery indicator

– Power & alarm test button

– Photoelectric sensor

– Provides early detection of smouldering types of fires

– 9V D.C. battery operated

– 1 year warranty


  • Photoelectric sensor – very effective in detecting slow and smouldering fires
  • No wiring needed
  • Miniature size ensures minimal space consumption
  • Low battery warning to alert for battery replacement
  • Hush operation
  • Power and alarm test button


Power Source 9V DC Alkaline/Lithium Battery
Steady Current <20 uA
Alarm Current <50 uA
Operation Temperature 0°C – 40°C
Ambient Humidity Within 10% – 90% RH
Horn Level 85dB at 3m
Approval Design in Compliance to EN14604:2009